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Cara jewelers is a brilliant success story!

Today, Cara has seven shops and a staff of 220 people.  In the workshop alone, 110 skilled tradespeople sit at their work stations, their eyes focused all day long on their quality creations for which Cara has developed its enviable reputation.Yet, back in 2004 when Cara was first established, by three brothers, their complement of staff was just two!   Twelve years after its creation virtually everyone who lives in Dubai has heard of Cara!

So how has Cara acquired its remarkable reputation and why do their customers remain so loyal?

The quality of Cara's jewelery is exceptional - every piece is hand crafted with extreme skill and care. The selection of jewelery available to purchase is vast and the prices are extremely competitive - especially when compared to those of Europe.  Buying jewelery can be a big decision so it's good to know that the sales staff, due to their excellent training, offer comprehensive advice and guidance.  And that attention to the customer is offered no matter the value of the purchase. Once the crucial decision has been made by the client, an itemised receipt is issued stating (where applicable) the weight of the gold and the diamonds.  For solitaires a certificate of authenticity is provided confirming the stone's graded colour and clarity.

But this is true of many a jewellery store in Dubai so what does Cara do that has the customers returning time and time again?

If you don't quite find the piece you are looking for in their stores, Cara will make any item of jewellery to your specifications.  It could be, for instance, from a drawing or a photograph and perhaps with some adjustments  - a true bespoke service.

I myself sketched a simple, solid bangle.  The form of the bracelet was prepared and then I visited the workshop where the bracelet was moulded to fit my (skinny!!) wrist perfectly.  It was facinating to be involved in the process and to see the metal being manipulated to the correct shape.  I wear the bracelet every day and it makes me smile to remember its creation!  

Another interesting service offered by Cara is upgrades.  Buy an item of jewelery to your budget and in, say four or five years time, return the item with the original receipt, and CARA will allow you to upgrade the item.  

Drop into CARA and they will clean your Cara jewellery for you free of charge - no appointment required.  Exit with sparkling pieces which look like new!

If visiting the UAE, Cara will collect you from your hotel or cruise ship.
I have even known Cara collect and return a customer staying in the distant Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah!
If having an item made or altered a Cara driver will, if you wish, deliver the piece to you once it is complete.  This always gets the neighbours' curtains twitching! 

No matter when one visits a Cara store they are forever busy but there will always be someone available to help you.  

And you might see a celebrity:  Abbey Clancy, Peter Crouch, Sharon Stone, Holly Willoughby, Jermaine Jackson, Gary Lineker and Jeremy Kyle have all purchased at Cara!

Last year I met a lady in a Cara store whose son was going to propose to his girlfriend at the family gathering in Scotland on Christmas Day.  The son had asked his Mother to visit Cara to have a ring made for his girlfriend.  What a responsibility! I have often wondered how it went!

There is no reason for me to tell you about Cara other than to thank them for the kindness and excellent service they have shown me over the ten years or so I have been visiting them.  I wouldn't consider buying my jewelery anywhere else!  


Shopping at Cara is easy - they have 6 stores in Dubai's Gold and Diamond Park and a seventh store in the Al Wasl area of Dubai.  Their opening hours are:
Saturday - Thursday 10:00 - 22:00 hours
Friday 16:00 - 22:00 hours

CARA Jewellers - Gold and Diamond Park, Dubai, UAE
adjacent to First Gulf Bank Metro Station

Find CARA on Facebook - carajewellers   Instagram - carajewellers


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